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Everyday should feel like a cottage day.


Simply Refreshing

Cottage Springs is for the healthy, active adventurer who wants to live life to the
fullest and sacrifice nothing. All of our drinks are crafted with one goal in mind: guilt free refreshment. They are Sugar Free, Sweetener Free & Gluten Free!

Made with sparkling spring water, premium gluten free vodka and a hint of natural flavour; our vodka sodas are perfect for sipping on the dock after a day of fun outdoorsy activity.

We believe that every day should feel like the weekend!

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Cottage Springs Ontario Peach

Calling all peach lovers! Cottage Springs Ontario Peach celebrates the Canadian summer tradition of biting into a fresh and juicy farmer’s market peach. Life just doesn’t get much better than this.


Cottage Springs WATERMELON

This carefully crafted offering is for the diet-conscious. With only 99 calories and free of sugar and sweeteners, enjoy the combination of premium vodka and thirst-quenching watermelon. Refreshingly crisp on the finish, this is well-suited for fresh fruit salad.

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Cottage Springs Lemon Lime 

Cottage Springs Lemon Lime is a refreshingly light craft vodka soda made with crisp 100% natural lemon and lime citrus flavours that will quench your thirst any day of the year.

Nutrition Facts

Our craft vodka sodas are made with sparkling spring water, gluten free vodka and a hint of natural flavour. They are Sugar Free, Sweetener Free, Gluten Free and most importantly Guilt Free!